The intelligence of crows is not inferior to chimpanzees – scientists

Интеллект воронов не уступает шимпанзе – ученые

The birds demonstrated a high level of self-control.

According to research by an international group of scientists, members of the genus ravens are not inferior in intellect apes. Article about this was published in the journal Royal Society Open Science.

To such conclusions researchers came after he experienced a level of inhibitory control birds. This term denotes the ability of animals to control the instinctive impulses in favor of more rational behavior.

In their experiments, the scientists were guided by the earlier experiences of Duke University, revealed the superiority of this parameter and the great apes, particularly chimpanzees, but not studied representatives of the genus for crows.

The birds were offered opaque tube with holes on both sides, in the middle of which was food. Once the animals learned to find it without errors, the pipes were replaced with transparent. At a high level of self-control animals had to retrieve food in the same way as before, without trying to get it directly, through the transparent, but neprobivaemy the wall.

In Russia, the crows threw stones at the cars of the deputies

Common Raven coped in 100 percent of cases, which corresponds to the best result of the chimps. Jackdaws succeeded in 97% of trials, and new Caledonian crows — in 92 per cent, which is comparable with the results of other primates.

Their experiment, the scientists managed to refute the findings of researchers at Duke University, directly linking inhibitory control with the size of the brain. The intelligence of ravens was much superior to the one which would correspond to the relatively small main organ of the Central nervous system.

Earlier also it was reported that according to scientists, the huskies have consciousness.