The intensity of the explosions in Ichnia decreased significantly

Интенсивность взрывов в Ичне уменьшилась в разы

In Chernihiv region exploding warehouse on the Arsenal at Ichnya

Military record about one explosion per minute, while in the morning blew up two or three shells per second.

The intensity of the explosions on the sixth the Arsenal of the defense Ministry in Ichnya district of Chernigovsky region was reduced to one blast per minute. On Tuesday, October 9, according to the General staff in Facebook.

“The intensity of the explosions dynamically changing. At this time is significantly reduced, fixed 1 burst per minute”, – stated in the message.

Also, the General staff reported that as of 14.00 to localize the fire at the Arsenal arrived two military vehicles the clearance to strengthen staff fire and other APU technology, and reducing smoke, the operational headquarters decided on the use of unmanned aircraft for Aero investigations.

Also on a scene of profit two fire-fighting tank GPM-54.

Earlier it was reported that the intensity is about 2-3 explosion in the second.

Explosions on the territory of 6 Arsenal in Ichnia began on the night of October 9. Evacuation of people. Deployed the headquarters of the emergency incident.

The General staff said four explosions in the warehouses, resulting in started fires with further detonation.


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