The interior Ministry explained how to work the TruCam radar

В МВД пояснили, как будут работать радары TruCam

In Ukraine resumed its monitoring of compliance with speed

In Ukraine began to set the items of automatic video fixing of speed of movement of vehicles.

The device for fixing the speed of vehicles TruCam operates at a maximum distance of 1.2 km away. On Monday, October 8, said the first Deputy head of patrol police Department Alexey Biloshitsky, reports UNN.

“The device allows you to record speed at a great distance – the working distance and the maximum distance is 1,200 meters. May be increased to 1 500 metres. Actually the measurements will occur at a shorter distance, but the functionality of the device and its capabilities – 1200 meters” – said Biloshitsky.

He added that this device will be used only if there is a warning signs that are being photo – and video fixing violations.

“This device will be used and a service transport, which will stand with flashing icons, and these places will be located where these devices are already posted on our website and will be updated”, – concluded Biloshitsky.

As you know, on 8 October, Ukraine has resumed control over observance of speed using a radar speed measurement TruCam.

Recall that the TruCam radar in Ukraine began to use in 2011. However, on 3 October 2018, the Cabinet issued a decree on the introduction of more modern means of fixing of violations on the roads in automatic mode.


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