The interior Ministry has announced a new recruitment in police patrol

В МВД анонсировали новый набор в патрульную полицию

In the near future starts in the patrol police, it is planned to recruit to thousands of people. About it in the comments on Facebook said the speaker of the Ministry of internal Affairs Artem Shevchenko.

He also emphasized that the Nikolaev patrol were inactive during a drunken confrontation in the centre of the city, which occurred on the night of Tuesday, will be punished.

“Punished, no doubt. By the way, very soon the patrol will be a new set of 1,000. There will be a lot of information about it. And I really wonder how many of those now istuplenno hysteria and wringing his hands, “Oh everything is bad, all is lost, they are bad, reform failed – try to take responsibility and come to serve the citizens and the rule of law. Police from other countries will not come from other planets will arrive,” wrote Shevchenko.

We will remind, in the center of Nikolaev in the night of Tuesday two youths staged a drunken scuffle.

As eyewitnesses told, between a man and a woman had a conflict, after which the girl jumped out of the car and got into a taxi, asking the driver to move fast. But the taxi driver was not allowed to do: a youngster in a poor state began to demand that the girl left, however, he began to beat on the car with such force that it left a dent.

Assessing the situation, the taxi driver was not to go anywhere, and got out of the car to look for damage. Brawlers joined by another guy and they both started to scream even struck the driver several times.

Eyewitnesses called the police arrived at the scene immediately five cars. But the youths did not stop – they continued to foul language, to beat hands the taxi car. In addition, the brawlers rushed to the crowd of witnesses. After this the patrol pushed one of the guys and put handcuffs on him.

It is noted that the police are no more measures are not taken, trying to calm down the brawler. In the end, one of the brawlers sat in a patrol car, and the second, sitting in your car, drove away in an unknown direction. Some eyewitnesses claim that during the incident, the offenders used a weapon.

The national police said that the patrol will be dismissed dormant.