The interior Ministry said the punishment for the words “Lie down, Bandera!”

В МВД рассказали о наказании за слова "Ложись, Бандера!"

For “Lie, Bandera!” apologized Krishchenko, says the speaker of the Ministry of internal Affairs

The police did not name the commando yelled controversial phrase, and do not consider it necessary for her to punish.

The interior Ministry will not punish the COP for the phrase “Go Russia!” during the unlock control of the police from barging in there activists. On Tuesday, February 19, said the Director of the Department of communications, Ministry of internal Affairs Artem Shevchenko, reports UNIAN.

Also the police do not consider it necessary to announce the name of the commando.

The “shouting there have been a lot different. And for this expression, which so stirred up the community, and others, the President of Ukraine Andriy kryschenko apologized. Sorry, the military phase of the operation to unlock the police station is sometimes accompanied by emotional exclamations. All these emotions apologized Krishchenko. And as far as I know, the Prosecutor’s office alleges that, as the offence. There may be moral condemnation, and we supported him. And I think at this point you can put, if not the purpose of cheap publicity to put pressure on law enforcement. There’s nothing more to say”, – said Shevchenko.

He also added that during the incident an isolated violation of the law by police officers in plainclothes and riot police, in his opinion, acted within the law. “I repeat that this is an isolated violation. Massive violations of the law was not”, – concluded Shevchenko.

Recall, February 9, the police of Kiev said about the arrest on Kontraktova square a group of young people with symbols of C14, which was in possession of knives, gas canisters and a gun. In C14 stated that it was their activists who participated in the action Who ordered Kate Gandzyuk? During the arrest there was a fight. One of the officers during the fight, shouting: “get Down, Bandera!”

On the eve of the nationalists staged in Kiev a rally under the slogan “Bandera, come on!”.


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