The interior Ministry will strengthen a mode of performance of its services for April-may

МВД усилит режим работы своих служб на апрель-май

Law enforcement authorities are preparing for mass actions in Ukraine in April-may

From 26 April to 9 may in Ukraine will be held public events, which can be used for provocations and destabilization of the situation, said the National police.

At the end of April – early may 2018 Natspolitsiya, the National guard, the state border service and the experts of gschs pass to the strengthened mode of service in connection with the planned across Ukraine events. On Tuesday, April 17, the press service of the interior Ministry.

“We expect a number of serious events. Therefore, given the previous experience, needs to do everything possible to ensure public safety and order. Of course, we will conduct training and coordination of forces,” – said the first Deputy Minister Sergey Yarovoy.

According to him, on 9 may, the security forces expect holding about two thousand events, participation in which will take more than half a million citizens.

“The most attention to this day requires the capital and South-Eastern regions of the country. In this regard, it is planned to attract over 25 thousand law enforcement officers,” said Spring.

The police and divisions of gschs intend to be on duty at the places of mass rest of people, who during 28 April – 1 may will be massively appreciated nature over the weekend in Ukraine.

According to the Deputy Chairman of the national police Alexander Fatsevich, from 26 April to 9 may in Ukraine will be held public events, which can be used for provocations and destabilization of the situation.

“28 April will mark the 71st anniversary of “operation Vistula”, which was associated with forced deportation of ethnic groups of Ukrainians from the Eastern regions of Poland. Against this background, we do not exclude new provocations aimed at aggravation of Ukrainian-Polish relations. They can be directed against diplomatic missions of Poland or of the objects of the Polish-Ukrainian history”, – said the Fatsevich.

In turn, the state border service stated that now take comprehensive measures to prevent cross-border crime and threats during the may holidays, the tragic events in Odessa, and also in the finals of the Champions League.

“The main focus is on the detention of Pro-Russian-minded persons, who will try to get to Ukraine to destabilize the situation and prevent the illegal movement of weapons. The checkpoints will be armed reserves. Organized events to strengthen protection of the border with Russia, Moldova and annexed Crimea. Is biometric control, which today passed 95 thousand foreigners, of which 71 thousand citizens of the Russian Federation”, – said the head of the Department to ensure gpsu Alexander Gura.

Earlier it was reported that in Ukraine this year Easter night.

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