The international Union for conservation of nature declared the extinction of giraffes

Международный союз охраны природы заявил о вымирании жирафов

The international Union for conservation of nature (IUCN) expressed concern at the sharp decline in the population of giraffes in the world. According to experts, over the past 30 years, the population of animals has decreased by almost 40%, BBC reports.

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If in 1985 the population numbered from 152 to 163 thousand individuals, it has now reduced to about 98 thousand.

In the red book giraffes animals now listed as “vulnerable”. Previously they were listed as “least under threat”.

“Although giraffes can often be seen on Safari, in the media and in zoos, people – including environmentalists – I don’t know what these amazing animals slowly disappear,” said a member of IUCN and an expert on giraffes Julian Fennessy.

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According to the red book, more than 24 thousand of 85.6 thousand species of animals included there over the past few decades, are under threat of extinction.