The investigation into ex-tax, can renew for 10 months – lawyer

Следствие по делу экс-налоговиков могут продлить на 10 месяцев – адвокат

During the searches in oblupravlenija the former Ministry of income and charges has been arrested 23 people

Over the past month and a half and no investigative action is not happening, assured defender.

Main military Prosecutor’s office under the leadership of Anatoly Matios requested extension of periods of pre-trial investigation into ex-tax for another 10 months. This was told by lawyer Igor Cherezov in the program “after the fact” on the radio News.

“For the past month and a half nothing happened. No investigation occurs. However, we recently received the prosecution’s motion on the extension of periods of pre-trial investigation for 10 months,” he said.

According to counsel, the military Prosecutor in the case, ex-tax, simultaneously pursues two objectives: political PR and the desire for profit.

“On the one hand, people are under pressure to sign agreements with the investigation and allegedly forced to admit his guilt and pay some money to the budget. On the other hand, these same people pull evidence against more senior officials, the same Viktor Yanukovych and Alexander Klimenko,” – said the through.

In turn, political analyst Alexei Yakubina, commenting on the role of suspended SFS head of the Roman Nasirov in the investigation of the case eks-tax specialists said that the question of his return to service remains open.

2Все suspected ex-tax, consolidated into one case for the scale of a display image. The Prosecutor’s office actively uses stereotypes in society to show the magnitude of the work of the Prosecutor’s office. For Yury Lutsenko case of Yanukovych and the ex-tax are key factors for the formation of his political career. The Prosecutor’s office is constantly engaged in the alleged crimes of the previous government, but almost is not engaged in by representatives of the current government,” said Yakubina.

Recall, may 24, during the searches in 15 regional offices of the former Ministry of income and charges has been arrested 23 people.

Appointed by the court total bail of former heads of tax administrations is 443,988 million.