The investigation into the attack on the office of the Ukrainian selection is not started – press service

Расследование нападения на офис Украинского выбора не начато - пресс-служба

In the Social movement declare the inaction of law enforcement authorities in the investigation of the attack on their office.

“And this despite the decision of the Shevchenko district court in Kiev, on 12 December ordered the SBU to urgently amend the Unified register of pre-judicial investigations information about the Commission of a criminal offense”, – declare in a press-service.

At Medvedchuk believe that these facts “indicate the helplessness of the government institutions in the fight against violators of the laws and constitutional order… and create the preconditions for another round of confrontation between society and bureaucracy and repetition of the events that were so devastating for the country.”

Organization surprised by the inaction of law enforcement officers, because the names of the instigators, organizers and perpetrators of the pogrom, arson is well known.