The Iraqi military launched a new offensive on the positions of ISIS in Mosul

Иракские военные начали новое наступление на позиции ИГИЛ в Мосуле

The battle for Mosul, October 2016

Iraqi special forces launched a new phase of the offensive against the group “Islamic state” in Mosul. About it reports Reuters.

“Now our troops are advancing. In the first 5 or 10 minutes took 500 meters. Only now they begin to shoot” – said the officer in the Iraqi quick reaction force.

It is offensive in some South-Eastern districts of Mosul.

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Recall that according to the UN, Mosul left about 73 thousand people after the start of the special operation to liberate the city from ISIL militants.

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The operation for the liberation of the city began on 17 October. According to the latest data, released 40 of the 56 districts of Mosul.