The ISS started to deploy an inflatable living module

На МКС начали разворачивать надувной жилой модуль

The ISS tomorrow is deployed dwelling unit BEAM

Finally finish this process on Friday.

On the International space station, NASA began to deploy an inflatable living module BEAM, which is designed to live and work astronauts. On the website of the National office for Aeronautics and space research direct broadcast of this event.

It is expected that the unfolding of the residential module will be completed on Friday.

It is known that the module was delivered to the ISS on April 10 of this year cargo spacecraft Dragon. Together with him arrived to orbit three tons of food and water and materials for scientific experiments.

It is reported that the diameter of the inflatable module is 3 meters with a length of about 4 meters. Thus, the total module capacity is 16 cubic meters.

ISS orbit adjusted to 1.5 kilometers

It is reported that June 2 will be the first entry in the module astronauts living on the ISS.

After the end of module test, it will be disconnected from the station.

LIVE NOW: The 1st human-rated expandable habitat is being deployed to full size. Watch here:

— NASA (@NASA) may 26, 2016

Earlier it was reported that NASA showed a fascinating video of the flight with the ISS. The video, shot in mesmerizing lights of the city at night.