The issue of releasing Savchenko solved – the lawyer

Вопрос освобождения Савченко решен - адвокат

Protection Ukrainka believes that Putin will release her in return for easing of sanctions.

Politically the liberation of the Ukrainian pilot, MP Hope Savchenko decided. This was stated by the lawyer Ukrainka Nikolai Polozov on air of the 5th channel.

“In light of statements by officials, President Putin, Federation Council speaker Matvienko – politically the issue is resolved. Now the main question – in what time frame will be freed Nadezhda Viktorovna whether the Russian bureaucracy to put any obstacles, or is it all going to happen fast enough and will not be delayed for a few months, years, as usual in such procedure for issuance under the Convention,” – said Polozov.

However, counsel expressed the view that President Vladimir Putin hopes to change the release Savchenko on the easing of sanctions against Russia.

“I believe that Putin, of course, interested in change for the release of Hope Savchenko for the easing of sanctions. And the so-called “exchange” of Russian soldiers of Alexander and Erofeeva is just a front for Putin’s agreements with the West, not with Ukraine. However, he said “A” and say “B” in the other direction it will be much harder than he would have just remained silent. I therefore hope that a decision in principle the Kremlin has adopted, another question is how long it will continue,” he said.

On the eve of President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that he agreed with Putin Savchenko. Speaking about the Russian military and Alexander Alexandrov Eugeny Erofeeva, he noted that their sentences suggests the possibility of liberation Savchenko.

Earlier it was reported that the Russian Ministry of justice received the request Savchenko.

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