The Italian delegation, arrived in the Crimea: Not afraid of sanctions of Ukraine

Итальянская делегация, прибывшая в Крым: Не боимся санкций Украины

Members of the Italian delegation, which arrived in annexed Crimea, realize that Kiev will introduce sanctions against them, but not afraid of it. This was stated by the representative of the delegation, the journalist Giulietto Chiesa, reports “TASS”.

“My colleagues and I know that there will be sanctions. But we are Europeans and have the right to travel. In Italy too, perhaps, criticism. But I’m not afraid of her and afraid of silence. The worst part, if most of the media nothing about this visit do not write,” said Chiesa.

He also said that they are Europeans “are in favour of dialogue with Russia.”

“A lot of people not only in Italy but also in Germany, in France, everywhere. Really thinking people would like to return to dialogue. We came to show that in Europe there are reasonable people,” added the Italian.

The delegation, which arrived in the Crimea, entered the senators Bartolomeo Pepe, Paola de Pin and Ivana Simeoni, member of Nicola, Ciraci, journalist Giulietto Chiesa and others.

In Sevastopol, they visited the Italian military cemetery at mount Gasfort and museums balaclavas, met with the “head of Crimea” Sergey Aksenov, Vladimir Konstantinov, “the Governor” of Sevastopol Sergei Menyailo and black sea fleet commander Alexander Vitko.

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Earlier it was reported that in the occupied Crimea on Friday arrived on a three-day visit, the delegation of parliamentarians from Italy.