The Japanese probe has left the asteroid Ryugu

Японский зонд покинул астероид Рюгу

Illustration of probe Hayabusa-2

The spacecraft Hayabusa-2 is headed to Earth with its samples of rocks of the heavenly bodies.

A Japanese research probe Hayabusa-2 on Wednesday, November 13, completed his mission on the asteroid Ryugu and went back to the Ground. This was announced by the Japanese aerospace exploration Agency.

Mission to the Ryuga lasted about a year and a half, and now the Japanese probe must return to the Earth from taken from the asteroid rock samples.

As expected, the return journey will take about a year and Hayabusa-2 will approach Earth at approximately December 2020.

Recall that during the time spent in the center of the asteroid in June 2018 Japanese probe made two successful landing on the surface with the purpose of soil sampling.

One apparatus specifically detonated and created an artificial crater to obtain samples from deeper parts.

In addition, the probe has made numerous photos and videos Ryugu, as well as lowered on its surface several robots who have explored the terrain.

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