The journalist was attacked during a broadcast from Donetsk

На журналиста напали во время эфира из Донецка

In Donetsk attacked the author of the Telegram-channel WarGonzo Seeds Pegova

During the broadcast from Donetsk on the author’s Telegram-channel WarGonzo Seeds Pegova Neizvestny attacked in camouflage.

For a war correspondent Seeds Pegova was attacked during the broadcast of the program Time will show on the First channel. The corresponding video was published by viewers on social media.

Thus, the project correspondent WarGonzo led live from Donetsk, where August 31 was killed the head of the self-proclaimed “DNR” Alexander Zakharchenko.

When the host asked another question Pegova, journalist, aired in aired in camouflage, rudely snatched out of frame. After a while he came back into the frame and continued communication with the leading. At the same time it was seen as in the background and a fight ensued.

“The situation is quite nervous, but people like this guy who are not able to hold in the hands, they are not with us. Those who are with us and we never relaxed, never for a moment gave vent to their emotions and ready to respond harshly to any provocation”, – explained the correspondent.

Wow! On Pegova during the live broadcast of a military attack…

— Zurab (@AZZurabAZ) September 3, 2018

Pegov is the author of Telegram channel WarGonzo. He previously worked on the channel Lifenews.

Earlier in the “DNR” made a Declaration of mobilization in the “country” due to recent events.


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