The judge Emelyanov announced the availability of the document from which his business will have to close

Судья Емельянов заявил о наличии документа, из-за которого его дело придется закрывать

Judge of the Supreme economic court of Arthur Emelyanov was questioned by the investigator of the Prosecutor General on December 15. Thus revealed it is possible to assume that the business should be closed for lack of evidence. About Arthur Emelyanov said in the comment “Ukrainian news”.

We will remind, the investigation imputes to the judge that he initiated the introduction of a system of specialization of judges in the economic court of Kyiv. Thus the judges had the opportunity to consider the profile of the case separate branches of commercial law.

“I have repeatedly stated that he is ready to cooperate with the investigation. Within two months, the Prosecutor General’s office did not conduct any investigative actions in the case. So I was forced myself to initiate their own questioning, submitting an application. This request was granted, I was questioned, I answered all the questions about his activities at the head of the commercial court of Kyiv and Kyiv economic court of appeal in 2011-2012”, – said Arthur Emelyanov.

According to him, during interrogation it was found that in the preparation of suspicion the investigator did not consider whether the business is an important document. We are talking about the minutes of the General meeting of judges of Economic court of Kyiv from 25 March 2011, under which the decision to specialize is taken on a collective, not personally Emelianov.

“The decision was made under lawful authority. And the materials have the appropriate Protocol of this meeting. Unfortunately, in the course of the investigations, the investigator is somehow “forgot” about its existence. As a result, the result imputes to me that I was the sole initiator of such a decision and calls it a violation of the law. Now the Prosecutor’s office understand that this is not true,” – said Emelyanov.

The judge SECU added that with this Protocol the plot of the case changes completely.

“During the interrogation, the investigator himself admitted that did not consider the presence of the letter in the materials, although possessed them at the time of signing of suspicion. Most likely, he will be forced to close the case for lack of evidence. It is now well documented that there are no unilateral decisions in relation to the specialization of the court, I did not initiate and the system autocapitalize not intervene,” concluded Emelyanov