The judge from Zambia explained why not removed Ramos

Судья из Замбии объяснил, почему не удалил Рамоса

Sergio Ramos and referee

The arbiter serving the final game of the club world Cup, spoke about the controversial incident.

Last Sunday, real Madrid became the world champion among clubs, beating in the final match of the tournament Qasim antlers.

The most controversial moment of the match was the episode in which the captain of the Spaniards Sergio Ramos brought down the opponent, and the referee has already reached into his pocket for a yellow card, but later changed his mind.

This episode even made fun of the stars of real Madrid.

In an interview with FilGoal referee Gianni Sikazwe decided to tell what happened in that moment and why he decided not to give the card.

“It was a trivial misunderstanding. When Ramos fouled, my assistant told me on the radio “it’s not card”, and then I heard “this card”. When he saw that I climbed on the card, I repeated his words, and I decided not to give a yellow”.

But the pranksters say that the Zimbabwean just haven’t found a red card in his pocket.

La tarjeta roja es que no la encontraba

– Paquito El (@padiru48) 18 Dec 2016

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