The judges in the case of the downed over Lugansk Il-76 recused himself

Судьи по делу о сбитом над Луганском Ил-76 взяли самоотвод

The plane with the paratroopers was shot down over Lugansk

The following proceedings are scheduled for the end of September.

The judges of the Babushkinskiy district court of the Dnieper recused himself in the case concerning conviction in absentia of the self-proclaimed leadership of the LC, which is blamed for the deaths of 49 soldiers of the APU on Board the downed aircraft IL-76 in Lugansk.

This was announced by the lawyer for the families of the victims of war Sergey Poghosyan in Facebook.

“Today, the entire panel of judges in Karaguney N. A. Tatarchuk, A. and L. Maruschak S. L. declared himself or herself”, – he wrote.

Poghosyan added that on 20 July recuse in this case took the judges A. A. Leonov, and E. V. Zhenesku

“Again, blame the automated system of distribution of cases! (Literally: biased autorespoder! Public and world outcry!)”, the lawyer added.

According to UKRINFORM, judges are very troubled by the fact that the party of victims in a media interview, said that trusts them and has called all to come to the meeting and not allow the judges to recuse himself.

After that, according to judges, no one will believe in their impartiality, and any European court will easily be able to refute their decision.

It is expected that following consideration of the case will appoint at the end of September.

As you know, in the river court is considering the case against the head LNR Igor Carpentry and the two battalion commanders of the separatists Patrushev and Gureeva, who are accused of the organization of knocking down IL-76 in 2014.

Earlier the case was heard in the court of Svatovo district of the Lugansk region.

As reported Корреспондент.neton June 14, 2014 LPR separatists shot down a transport plane Il-76 APU coming in for a landing at the airport of Lugansk. All 49 servicemen who were on Board were killed.

Guilty in the incident was named the major-General Viktor Nazarov, who was sentenced to seven years in prison. He admits his guilt in the crash and appealed.