The justice Ministry has threatened Yanukovych in absentia by the court

В Минюсте пригрозили Януковичу заочным судом

If Yanukovych doesn’t want an interrogation on Skype, will start trial in absentia

The interrogation of the ex-President is needed to complete legal criminal investigation in the “case of Maidan”.

If the former President Viktor Yanukovych did not testify during the videoconference, PROKURATURA can without them within the framework of the transfer materials to the court for consideration in essence, said the Minister of justice Pavlo Petrenko in the air channel 112.

Previously, the GPU was called the date of a possible interrogation Yanukovych videoconference: 25 Nov. He should be interviewed as a witness in the “case of Maidan”.

“If the party would evade questioning, or Russia will not provide the appropriate technical ability to conduct the interrogation, I am convinced that law enforcement has enough evidence to ensure that in the framework of criminal proceedings in absentia to complete the first cases, as announced by the General Prosecutor, and to transmit the cases in Ukrainian courts for consideration in essence” – he said.

“We this interrogation is needed in order to complete the appropriate legal component criminal investigation”, – said the head of the Ministry of justice.

According to him, Ukraine has implemented all legal procedures in order to give Yanukovych the opportunity to voice their testimony.

Note that the protection of Yanukovych, wants a confrontation with the current President Petro Poroshenko.

Also we will remind that in October, a Russian court refused to videotape Yanukovych, explaining that there are no technical capabilities.