The justice Ministry responded to the accusations of NACP

Минюст ответил на обвинения НАПК

The Ministry of justice explained why he refused NACP in registration verification e-declarations

The Ministry of justice refused to register the NACP developed the order validation e-returns due to shortcomings in it.

The Deputy Minister of justice in European integration Sergei Petukhov said that the Ministry of justice refused to register the NACP developed a procedure for test of electronic declarations due to shortcomings in it. He reported about it in Facebook.

“We have sent NACP explanation on 8 and 14 pages of text, listing the violations contained in the proposed NACP the verification of declarations and monitoring of lifestyle,” − said Petukhov.

He identified six main observations: lack of timing and duration of inspections; the absence of requirements to the contents of the findings of the audit; the absence of requirements for the reliability of information and sources of its obtaining; conflict with other documents adopted by the NACP; the possibility of individual decisions by a member of the Commission contrary to the collegial principle of decision-making NACP; imprecise language that can lead to an appeal of the findings of the NACP in court.

“We check all the regulations that claim the subjects of power. Deny registration if they do not meet the requirements of the legislation or lead to the violation of human rights”, − said Petukhov.

“Unfortunately, colleagues from the NACP decided to go by public prosecution of the Ministry of justice is corrective in the approved Order,” – concluded the Deputy Minister.

As reported Корреспондент.net, NACP accused the Ministry of justice in blocking the verification e-declarations.

Earlier NACP showed the algorithm of verification of electronic declarations of officials.

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