The justice Ministry told how much is spent on one prisoner per year

В Минюсте рассказали, сколько тратят на одного заключенного в год

For the first six months of 2017 with prisoners concluded on 9 thousand contracts for work.

On the content of an inmate the state spends on average from 38 to 60 thousand hryvnias a year, said in an interview with the journal Correspondent the Deputy Minister of justice of Ukraine Denis Chernyshov.

“You can approach the question arithmetically, and it is possible from the point of view of deeper analysis. Arithmetically, we have a number of prisoners, divide the amount allocated by the state for their number, we obtain the average cost for one. But this is absolutely incorrect. There are places where we found 30 prisoners, and guards them 130 people. In the colony the cost per inmate will be fundamentally different. So arithmetically I would be to this question did not come. The average from 38 thousand to 60 thousand UAH per year” – said the official.

According to him, today the average salary of prisoners employed in prison — 1.363 UAH. But productivity is low, almost four times lower than the average for the Ukrainian industry. The vast majority of prisoners have a qualification level in the profession is not above the second. One in four — mental disorders.

For the first six months of 2017 with prisoners concluded on 9 thousand contracts to work.

“But the treaties — it is also one of the problems. 2017 we need to sign a contract in which among the mandatory parameters are present ID and passport. Many prisoners of these documents no. We must first help the person to get them. Completely fell stateless persons and foreign citizens. We also fall under the General rules: if a foreign citizen must obtain from the employment service a whole slew of permissions. Once released, you’ll be chased until they get it. And when you’re not at liberty, as these requirements to implement?”, – outraged Chernyshov.

In the Ministry of justice plan to increase the salaries of employees of penitentiary institutions.

“Wishes are very simple — to compare our salaries with the salaries in the national police and the national guard. That is up to 10 thousand UAH per month. Otherwise, quality personnel will flow into the other power structures… we Have the youngest inspectors in some of the colonies still have the salary 1.080 UAH. We have them to finish off the “minimal salary” is 3200 UAH. But the employee still needs to travel on public transport, their food, some to take the work, plus family. In the end, the money is impossible to live”, – stressed the Deputy Minister.

The full interview Chernyshov read number 39 journal Reporter.

We will remind that in Ukraine it is planned to optimize the penitentiary institutions, which in 2017 will fall 13 places of deprivation of liberty.