The key to the depths. What will help Ukraine to get rich.

Ключ к недрам. Что поможет Украине разбогатеть.

After three years of war and economic crisis in the Ukrainian economy has shown positive developments.

For 2016 Ukraine’s GDP grew by 2.3%. According to the State statistics service, the GDP growth recorded for the first time in the last 4 years. Also accelerated growth of industrial production in the country. In January 2017, industrial production in Ukraine increased compared to the same month of the previous year by 5.6%.

The first Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Stepan Kubiv said: “Ukraine has all the prerequisites to restore its industrial greatness”.

Talking about the greatness so far, but the first signs of cautious optimism not to notice too. For example, significant pent-up domestic demand in 2014-2015, backed by higher prices for iron ore led to the revival of the market of mechanical engineering. In addition, growth was observed in production of construction materials of natural origin and non-metallic mineral products.

However, the actual revival of the Ukrainian industry is impossible to speak without a substantial upgrade. Depreciation of industrial equipment, including the mining industry in Ukraine reaches 90%. Without new technologies, machinery, equipment will not be able to take advantage of all the natural resources that are represented in our country.

In the Ukrainian subsoil there are nearly one hundred types of minerals, the market value of which, according to scientists, is estimated at 7.5 trillion dollars. In total the mineral resource base of Ukraine is 20 thousand deposits and occurrences, of which 7.8 thousand are explored and developed only 3.3 thousand.
Analysts and scholars argue that Ukraine is developing the raw potential is one-sided. By producing a limited number of minerals that are used in the chain coal — iron ore — steel, the domestic industry is left untouched reserves of rare earth materials.

Ukraine has significant reserves of non-ferrous and rare metals. We have unique deposits of beryllium, zirconium, tantalum, complex phosphate of rare earth and rare metals ore and. Proven reserves of lithium are the biggest in Europe. We have a real opportunity to enter the world market with pure and ultrapure metals — gallium, indium, thallium, lead, tin.

For example, China, Australia and Kazakhstan actively develop the industry of extraction and processing of rare earth minerals.

Ukraine just need to get out of their bowels stored wealth. This requires new technologies and large investments, which can be a real driver of the Ukrainian economy.

A wide range of advanced modern technologies and machinery for the Ukrainian mining and coal industry will be represented at the international exhibition “Mining World Ukraine”, which will be held from 11 to 13 October 2017 in Kiev. It is a specialized exhibition of equipment, special equipment and technologies for extraction, beneficiation and transportation of minerals. It is supported by the Ministry of energy and coal industry of Ukraine and State service of Geology and mineral resources of Ukraine.

The event will bring together participants from 15 countries who will present machinery and equipment for mining, coal industry, quarry, drilling equipment, machinery and equipment to move minerals, pumping, compressor equipment and much more. The exhibition will be attended by 3,000 professionals in the mining and related industries.

More than 200 senior engineers, engineers, mechanical engineers, surveyors, geologists, managers, specialists, government and business organizations will share their experiences and best practices in the mining industry in the framework of the Forum of subsoil users and conferences, scheduled during the exhibition days. The business program will touch on the current problems and prospects of development of mining and processing of ore and non-metallic minerals in Ukraine

More info on the exhibition website