The kids almost blew an interview with Professor live at the BBC

Дети чуть не сорвали интервью профессора в прямом эфире на BBC

Professor Robert Kelly on BBC

Interview of associate Professor in Pusan national University’s Robert Kelly live BBC World News almost disrupted the children. This is stated on the website of the service.

In particular, Kelly agreed to comment on events in South Korea after the impeachment of the President. However, to communicate to journalists decided not to in the Studio and from home on video. The Professor did not realize that in the house there are small children and their behavior is impossible to predict.

So, during the conversation live in his office first came in a girl about five years old, and her baby Walker. Kelly tried not to react to kids and to continue the conversation.

Later the room flew sitter began to fall books, came a baby crying.

We will note, earlier the constitutional court of South Korea unanimously supported the decision of the Parliament on the impeachment of President Park Geun-Hye. She became the first democratically elected head of state, who was removed from power. This decision caused a protest of his supporters who had gathered outside the constitutional court building in the riots and confrontation with the police two people were killed.

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Recall, the reason for impeachment, Park Geun-Hye became a corruption scandal involving her close friend Choi sung-Salt.

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