The Kiev government for its “passport control” has encroached on the human right to privacy

Киевская власть своим "паспортным контролем" посягнула на право человека на приватность

If this happens and March of next year Kiev city administration will send its workers in raids on private apartments, it will not only be a gross violation of the Constitution. The basic law guarantees citizens the right to free choice of place of residence. But also the right to work. Therefore, the presence of unemployed is also formally possible to consider such violation. In General, scream about gross violation of human rights learned populists, and not only in Ukraine. Therefore, to appeal to the Constitution in this situation – only to shake the air. Unfortunately.

Passport checks, and even with the involvement of the police, conflicts with the right of every individual to privacy. Here was immediately reminded of the Soviet propaganda, which directly or indirectly legalizes a total registration and control over the population of the USSR. For example, popular in the late 1960-ies of the detective strip “blunder” contains a scene in which the policeman comes to recruited by a foreign intelligence agent to review so-called house book. Of course, the policeman in the story, didn’t know what a quiet retired – spy. Such a procedure: learning that one person passes to another area in his apartment, the guard comes to check, whether recorded in the book keeping a lodger. If it’s not – the problem was both the one who let the temporary registration, and he who lives without her. By the way, for such violations could be prosecuted and imprisoned after the verdict.

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Another example is not about spies but about the fight against criminality. An operative of the popular Soviet TV series “the Investigation leading Experts” calculates elusive thief in a simple way: give the command to see who among the people in a certain neighborhood “play without registration”. That is, takes in a tenant and puts it on the record. In another series we show the illegal hotel: two-bedroom apartment in a residential area where are various questionable items.

Important notice: to pass the “corner” for the money and have additional income not a crime was part of such earnings, the state did not claim. Because there was no private enterprise was not taxes on profits, except one, which is deducted from each paycheck, like engineers, and Ministers. Such control, or with the knowledge of his existence, including mass culture, was presented as a virtue of power. And at the same time – as an effective method to combat spies and thieves, and crime prevention.

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“We will be with the police to carry out passport control in houses and apartments, to understand how many people legally live in apartments, and how many are not registered. Such a control plan to launch in the spring of 2017,” – explains the Deputy Chairman of KSCA Peter Panteleev. But the fight against crime. Reveal a secret operational-search work: the majority of brothels in Kiev known to them. Here apartment, where produce and store drugs, underground brothels, illegal gambling clubs and the like. If the young family who rents an apartment in the capital, finds out what next – a brothel, and report this to the police, the reactions will be.

The fact that control over the stash really helps to identify crimes heavier than prostitution or theft. Because there come killer, and now – and persons involved in the Commission of terrorist acts, and, don’t laugh, the Russian agents. If the municipality will implement his initiative, the police are rather interested in those who found criminal-controlled socket and complained. Because if people accommodated, this means that the landlord take money for it, getting illegal from the point of view of city authorities, income. And even so, with whom police has nothing.

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The vast majority of housing in Ukraine is privatized. Separate apartments – legacy, which was received by the citizens of the former USSR. The asset owners can sell and rent. Tens of thousands of people of Kiev turned into a rant, because it turns out that this is not the only way to improve the financial situation. And if the house does not cook “shirk” is not hiding the stolen goods or explosives or do not dismember the corpse, the law enforcement officers to input ordered. The more civil of the city hall, not even looking for a sane explanation on what grounds to violate privacy, but just announce the RAID. Very similar in nature to the police raids.

Andrii Kokotiukha

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