The killer robots. The UN are discussing a ban on weapons with AI

Роботы-убийцы. В ООН обсуждают запрет оружия с ИИ

The robot from the film about the rise of the machines Terminator

The group of governmental experts from 70 countries on August 27 met to discuss weapons with artificial intelligence.

In Geneva, under the auspices of the United Nations held talks on lethal Autonomous weapons systems. The discussions among government experts from 70 countries. They should solve, whether there will be in the future, killer robots, independently determining a target for destruction.

Even in 2015, hundreds of scientists and inventors, including Musk, Hawking and Wozniak, urged to abandon the idea of weapons with artificial intelligence. Bright minds are warning that the AI can control okazatsya a daunting task.

The first session of the Group of governmental experts of the UN held in Geneva in November 2017. Then for a complete ban of killer robots made more than 20 Nobel peace laureates, 150 religious leaders and three thousand specialists in artificial intelligence.

The development of artificial intelligence and robotics were also discussed at the economic forum in Davos. Корреспондент.net tells details.


Superpower for killer robots

Against the ban Autonomous weapons are the state actively invests in the use of artificial intelligence for military purposes, for example, USA, Israel, Russia and the UK.

For example, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin considers that the leader in the creation of artificial intelligence “will be master of the world”.

According to Russian media reports, their country is working to create unmanned aerial vehicles and vehicles for military and civil purposes.

The Russian military is also developing robots, weapons systems for the destruction of drones and cruise missiles that will be able to analyze data from the radar and to make decisions when choosing the height, speed and direction of its flight.

The Pentagon has developed a concept called Third Offset, the Third Compensation strategy or the Strategy of displacement. According to her, the rapid development of artificial intelligence will define the next generation of weapons. In detail, in the material of an Army of robots. The future of the Armed forces of the United States.

Americans believe that weapons with an AI will help to avoid “collateral damage” because the computer is faster analyzes and makes a decision.

Last year, the Agency advanced research projects Agency DARPA, the Pentagon released a document which States the intention in the four years to create a military artificial intelligence of the new generation, as close as possible to the human.

In the United States already held large-scale exercises, which were tested about 50 new military technologies. Including unmanned ground robotic platform, leading fire on the enemy, automatically delivering ammunition and are responsible for the material support landing Marines.


China and scientists against

For a pre-emptive moratorium on Autonomous weapons systems are 26 States, including Australia, Brazil and China.

An open letter to support their position signed by more than 230 organizations worldwide, and about three thousand entrepreneurs and scientists working in the field of artificial intelligence.

Among them, for example, the founder of Tesla and Space X Elon Musk and the company Deep Mind (owned by Google).

“The decision to deprive a person of life should never be delegated to a robot,” reads the letter.

While China officially claimed repeatedly about the importance of artificial intelligence to the future of the world economy and military power.

Frightening and touches. Robots Boston Dynamics

Beijing has published a detailed roadmap outlining the state plan, in which priority is the development and application of AI.

“Artificial intelligence has become a new trend in international competition. AI is a strategic technology that leads to the future. The largest developed countries of the world consider the development of artificial intelligence one of the main strategies to improve national competitiveness and national security”, the article says Chinese state publications.

China expects to take a leading position in the world in the field of technology AI, directly combining developments in the field of defence with the development of industrial and commercial applications, writes CNN.


The threat of an armed AI

Amnesty International have recently called on to make international law a ban on fully Autonomous weapons systems.

“Killer robots are no longer the subject of science fiction. Technological advances – from drones with artificial intelligence to Autonomous weapon that can select the goal – ahead of international law,” AI.

The use of fully Autonomous weapons by law enforcement agencies, I believe in Amnesty International, “would be incompatible with international human rights law and could lead to illegal killing and other human rights violations”.

The famous English physicist and science popularizer Stephen Hawking has repeatedly urged to look for new planets for settlement, otherwise humanity will perish within the next Millennium.

He said that the growing risk of destruction of mankind from natural disasters – sudden nuclear war, artificially created genetic virus or from artificial intelligence.

At the Global mobile Internet conference, where he read out the report on the role of AI in the modern world, Hawking said that if humanity will not be able to control artificial intelligence, in the end, will lose, as people confined to biological evolution and can not compete with the machines.

The American inventor Elon Musk during a speech to the National governors Association, the US called the artificial intelligence the biggest threat facing our civilization.

He even said that the development of AI should be controlled at the state level and urged the us government for speedy intervention in the process of development of the technology.

Artificial intelligence. Moving robots out of control

“I have access to the latest technologies in the field of AI, and I think that people should be concerned about this. AI is a fundamental threat to the existence of mankind. It is incomparable with the accidents, crash, defective medications and bad food,” said Musk.

Known programmer, co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak also said that the development of artificial intelligence is potentially dangerous for humanity.

“I agree with Hawking and Musk, who warned that mankind’s future can be very bleak. Sooner or later thinking of devices designed to facilitate our lives, and begin to understand that they are better. Who will then manage the companies, slow – moving person or car,” said Wozniak.

However, he later changed his mind for a number of reasons: machines are smart enough and they will not have intuition.

“If the machines will become independent thinkers, then there will be eternal partners of people standing over all other species,” he said.

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