The killer strangle requests a review of a life sentence

Убийца Оксаны Макар просит пересмотреть пожизненный приговор

In Nikolaev the main figurant on the case of Oksana Makar, said that the recognition was beaten out of him by torture.

The main defendant in a notorious murder case of Oksana Makar Evgeny Krasnoshcheki declared that the police beat a confession by torture, and requests to reconsider a life sentence. This was announced by Deputy Chairman of the Central district court of Nikolaev Vladimir Aleynikov at the briefing, which took place on Monday, March 18, reports publishing news.

The judge reported that Krasnoshchek, which was condemned by the sentence of the Central district court, in 2017, appealed to the court a statement in which he asked to reconsider the sentence because of the new circumstances.

In a statement, he indicated that in March 2017 in the institutions of the European Union adopted a decision according to which are inadmissible evidence obtained in the investigation of torture of the accused.

“Considering that for him violence was used, Krasnoshchek filed… because of the content of the statement is unclear exactly when and by whom violence was used, it was left without consideration,” said Aleynikov.

Disagreeing with the decision, Krasnoshchek gave him appeal. And the decision of the court of Appeal from may 11, 2018, the action of the court was recognized such that did not in full meet current legislation. In the Appeal have ruled that the court of first instance has not established the circumstances which are relevant to the consideration of this case and this statement.

After that, the application was returned to the trial court for consideration.

It is noted that the statement did not specify neither the dates nor the names of those who beat torture a confession.

“He said that the police during pre-trial investigation applied to it the illegal measures in consequence of which forced him to confess. The names of police officers he did not indicate, circumstances are also not indicated. Because of this, the court wanted to leave his application without consideration,” said the judge.

At the moment he is being held in the Chernihiv region, and it can bring in Nikolaev in six months.

The judge Aleynikov said that the whole case was reviewed not only the new circumstances specified in the application Krasnoshchek. In addition, according to him, the dates of the meetings to speak still early, as Krasnoshchek can be delivered in the Nikolaev pre-trial detention even after six months, because at the moment he is serving his sentence in the Chernihiv region.

We will remind, in 2012 the Central district court of Nikolaev pronounced a sentence accused on the case of rape and murderoksana Makar. The court Evgeny Krasnoshchek sentenced to life imprisonment, Maxim Prisyazhnyuk to 15 years of imprisonment, Artem Pogosyan – 14 years of imprisonment.


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