The Kyiv authorities have secured the release of over 100 subway cars, imposed by the requirement of “Ukrroslizing”

Власти Киева добились снятия ареста со 100 вагонов метро, наложенного по требованию "Укррослизинга"

Kiev city authorities through court has achieved removal of arrest with 100 wagons of the Moscow metro, which was imposed at the request of the Russian company “Ukrroslizing”. About this on his page in Facebook wrote Deputy head of Kyiv city state administration (KCSA) Ilya Sagaidak.

“After our appeal, the Economic court of Kyiv released with 100 subway cars who were arrested at the request of the Russian company,” wrote sahaidak.

The official noted that the situation with the “Ukrroslizing” is under personal control of the Kiev mayor Vitali Klitschko and the municipality would do everything for a speedy resolution.

“The city government and metro will continue to defend the interests of Kiev and will not allow traffic jams in the capital,” said Sagaidak.

According to the Deputy head of the KSCA, at the moment, “Ukrroslizing” through court demands from the Kiev metro to repay the debt in the amount of 1 billion 466 million 959 thousand UAH for 447,88 leased in 2010-2013 cars. On the basis of this appeal on 13 may, the Economic court of Kiev has seized 100 leased cars. Sagaidak noted that this court’s decision jeopardizes the normal functioning of transport communications of the city and therefore the city authorities appealed.

“Removal of arrest from the wagons was the first victory of the KP “Kiev underground”, but still will have to fight for the interests of Kyivans and residents of the capital”, – concluded the official.