The language would bring. Politically the beginning of October

Язык доведет. Политскандалы начала октября

Thought about the language — because of the election? It may very well be. Remembered on the status of Donbass — not lifted sanctions. Ran across farther Tomos — election to remove the cream. And other scandals the beginning of October.

Someone will say that Ukraine has not enough stability, the situation is turbulent and things are changing rapidly. But there is still in our country really immutable things. The Dnieper flows, burning military arsenals, Ukrainian politicians are exploiting the language issue before the election, writes Valery Litvinski in №19 of the Magazine Correspondent. Sociologists, for years have noted that in fact the language problem is not particularly worried about Ukrainians, it’s not even in the top 5 challenges that concern the people. But politicians have their own agenda. Only if often before promised to protect Russian language, now — Ukrainian. Of the components of the triad army — Vira — mova do at the top of our sharp-only queries strong army. But, as history has shown in Ichnia, desperately short of money.

Legislative mnogohodovki

The Verkhovna Rada on the eve of the shock worked, approving a number of high profile decisions. One of them is the continuing validity of the law on special order of local government in certain districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Popularly known as the law on the special status of Donbass. It’s sort of a law-Ghost it seems like there is, but one day never worked. Why, then, to renew his conditional action?

The fact that the law incorporates basic provisions of the political part of Minsk agreements. And renew this law — protection against accusations of Ukraine in that it does not fulfill the conditions Minsk and prevention from those who want to lift sanctions against Russia. The validity of the law support in the West, particularly in the United States. So you have status — he is with us.

In fact, Kiev fights for time for sanctions acted as the government’s allies had the opportunity and the occasion to continue support of Ukraine in countering Russian aggression. Yes, it’s unpleasant, the situation perpetuates the current status quo: not peace on our terms, but not a big war with the full participation of “vacationers”.

Yes, the peace talks are stalled, everything connected with the agreements in Minsk group on settlement of the conflict in the Donbas — not pushing the situation into the world of a millimeter. The reason? Sabotage the Russian side, which is thus firmly is on the side of Pro-Russian candidate in the Ukrainian presidential.

From the group has even gone the permanent representative of Ukraine ex — President Leonid Kuchma. According to him, the prospects to move the business off the ground is not visible and to the Ukrainian elections is not expected. The prisoner exchange does not happen, the Ukrainian political prisoner Oleg Sentsov Russia was forced to stop the hunger strike, the issue of peacekeeping mission in the Donbass remains at the level of conversation. Waiting on.

It would seem that in such a situation, the validity of the law on the so-called special status of Donbass should be a purely technical matter. But there it was. The law itself contains a number of controversial rules that are painfully perceived by Ukrainian society. Among them, Amnesty for all participants of events on Donbass, the ability of local jurisdictions currently occupied regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions to create a controlled unit of militia, to control the appointment of judges and prosecutors, the obligation to maintain ties of these regions with Russia and to allow them the use of the Russian language in official documentation. It is clear that in modern Ukraine, and even right before the election it is impossible to safely own rating to vote for a project with such regulations.

Therefore, the law on the status of Donbass again caused a lot of controversy, speculation and exercise of politicians is who is the biggest defender of the Motherland. Therefore, in the Parliament vote, these media have always tried to cover, to shade even more loud solutions. When in 2014, for the law voted for the first time, did the meeting closed, turned off the scoreboard for voting for the picture with those who voted for, didn’t get on the TV screens, and the following question put a solemn ratification of the Association Agreement with the EU, which was conducted in parallel with the European Parliament. In 2017, the law extended for the first time. Then in Parliament it was hotly — fights, clashes, blocking stands, smoke bombs and the introduction of the law on reintegration of Donbass, which was directly recognized Russia aggressor country.

Язык доведет. Политскандалы начала октября


So the law on the Donbas was adopted in Parliament in 2017

Now the task of distraction and create a Patriotic image were intended to comply with the law on the introduction of a formal treatment in the army, Glory to Ukraine! Glory To The Heroes! and the language law.

The language around the head

In addition to creating the information of the veil there were other reasons for the adoption of new language legislation. First, the President with all the billboards of the country continues to broadcast on its strategic triad of army — faith — language. Secondly, after the abolition of the scandalous language bill of Kolesnichenko — Kivalov in the country in a legal vacuum, the language issue is not regulated. To fill this vacuum, the deputies decided only closer to the election, although this language bills for years gathering dust in Parliament.

But not everything went smoothly. In the Parliament gather up as many as four of the bill on languages. Strongly oppose any were only a faction of the Opposition bloc. The rest fought for the right to be authors of the new language legislation, and to collect the most dividends among the Patriotic electorate. The Bloc of Petro Poroshenko was his bill. Its adoption would provide the President the opportunity to present the solution to the language issue as its own victory. But to play along with Poroshenko in the Parliament many there were no volunteers.

Authors of alternative, more comprehensive bill, prepared by the specialized Committee, was made by more than 70 deputies. The adoption of such a project in our own victories have not record. This document is most actively promoted the faction of Samopomich and the popular front. The result was a small clinch, because of which the language question in General was on the brink of failure. Without the votes of the PPB did not pass the Committee draft, and the proposal of the faction of the President did not want to vote the other members. As a result, the block of the head of state has surrendered in the first reading has passed the bill 5670-d, authorship from 77 parliamentarians.

It regulates the use of Ukrainian language in all spheres of public life. It does not apply to the sphere of private communication and religious ceremonies. If the document becomes law, all sessions and meetings in government — both Central and local — were to be conducted in the Ukrainian language. Fluent in the Ukrainian language will have all the officials, teachers and health workers. It should get some use in the service sector. Language proficiency will be a prerequisite for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship. Print media will need to publish in the Ukrainian language and the Russian version can only be a complete double of Ukrainian. Also have Internet sites as a start page by default, you should boot the Ukrainian version. A Ukrainian version of the site should be not less than their duplicates in other languages.

There is in the project and the obvious excesses. For example, a theatrical performance in a foreign language in state or municipal theater must be accompanied by subtitles in the Ukrainian language. Or norm of transliteration of geographical names. That is, to write “Kyiv”, “Kharkiv”, “Kropyvnytskyi” and so on.

And yet, the norm about the language conferences and other events. Going to oblige only in Ukrainian. Not in Russian — okay, that’s understandable. But why is the working language cannot be English? Want international professional forums bypassed Kiev side?

The controversial rule about language inspectors of the bill was removed. Monitoring the implementation of the law will carry out the Commissioner for the protection of the Ukrainian language. Responsibility for violation of language legislation will increase — provided for fines and even criminal liability for public humiliation or neglect of the Ukrainian language, I suggest to equate to the desecration of state symbols. In any case, the bill has yet to be finalized for the second reading, then there will be more details to talk about its norms.

While it is obvious that the government support such a project, finally secures a bid in the upcoming elections on the Patriotic electorate of the West and centre of the country. The voices of the East and South to fight there wasn’t going to, and now even more so to do will not work.

But many former regions automatically get the language trump card in their hands. They have nothing to do, my entire campaign can be built on citation of the provisions of the bill and manipulation of its rules. Everyone knows that in Ukraine are any laws. But horror stories about this issue will be weight. The fact that the Parliament still has the submission on the removal of immunity of three deputies from the opposition bloc. That is, in order to shout about mass repressions against political opponents and defenders trodden down of the Russian language, gave them all possible.

What will be the outcome? Once the division of society. The language issue is a political tool all the years of Ukrainian independence, and to refuse it the politicians can not even after the annexation of Crimea and the war in the Donbass. Of course, the language issue is not a top theme of the election-2019, but is used to mobilize voters and score political points. Do not be surprised if the vote for the language law in the second reading will take place just before election day.

Shoot at its

Only the President began to address the issue of language, there has been a problem in another part of his campaign slogan, and one that is considered the most successful and painless — in the army. Ukraine has again exploded ammunition depots, this time in Chernihiv region. During the years of hostilities in the Donbas this is the fourth case of explosions in a weapons Arsenal. Kalynivka (2017), Balakleya (2017), Svatovo (2015) anything the country has not been taught, continue to step on the same rake. But before the war, the explosions at military depots were Ukraine commonplace: in Artemovsk (Bakhmut now) in 2003, Lozova in Kharkiv region in 2008, Novobohdanivka in Zaporizhia region warehouses were burning at all four times.

We regularly talk about strengthening the army, but then the ammunition exploding in the neighborhood with peaceful cities. It turns out that the system of protection of military infrastructure during the war and was not rebuilt. Instead, see again the already familiar picture: the evacuation of thousands of people, sleeping in basements and gyms, damaged homes, officials of different levels form the operational headquarters, say that the situation is under control, all rebuilt. And then in a circle.

Язык доведет. Политскандалы начала октября


Damage in Chernihiv region

Say: smart learns from others ‘ mistakes, stupid — on his. In Ukraine, it turns out, not learn any one’s. Although serious work on the bugs in question the content of military arsenals are long overdue. Well, not in 2018, a country that is fighting to keep ammo on the ground under the open sky. Every time after such a state of emergency in Ukraine claim about the Kremlin’s hand and saboteurs. No saboteur still had not been caught, and most importantly, that their negligence could not be punished.

In Svatove responsible for the fire found the major, who was responsible for the conditions of storage of shells in the warehouse. He was sentenced to almost eight months of a disciplinary battalion, but on the infamous law Savchenko released immediately after the court hearing.

In balakliia dismissed the Colonel, who was responsible for the storage of ammunition, it was restored through court. In Kalinovka, the perpetrators, too, yet, the investigation continues.

Impunity and lack of accountability of managers creates fertile ground for new fireworks. We will draw conclusions or to put up posters about a strong army to wait where it will explode next time?

More candidates

While Petro Poroshenko is dealing with his campaign promises, the number of his potential rivals is growing rapidly. However, not so much opponents as wanting to get on the ballot. Elections-2019 have the potential to become the most numerous on the number of presidential candidates. Observers have counted as many as 28 people willing to fight for the presidency.

Why should they? The more that you will have to make substantial cash Deposit for registration as a candidate — 2,5 million UAH. But the real contenders to advance to the second round are a maximum of four candidates. And it’s not only and not so much in the love of voters to a particular candidate, as his ability to hold the “field” part of a campaign to protect the results of the expression.

Literally in the last days of September about their participation in the presidential election have publicly declared by the mayor of Lviv and leader of the Samopomich party Andrey Sadovyi. A few years ago he had all chances to become the favorite of the race. Yes, the garbage scandal, which is heated from Kiev, a serious blow to the rating of permanent mayor of the city. But remember that not everyone, especially outside of the city.

In the elections of Garden will focus on a liberal, westernized part of society and, as he says, for young people. Tells him years of experience of managing a large tourist city, the faction in Parliament, the party branched network in the country, own the media. So it doesn’t look technical candidate. His chances of success would be greater if not for the presence of a large number of competitors in the chosen electoral sector. First and foremost is Anatoliy Hrytsenko, who has previously publicly called for the Garden to unite. However, the mayor of the city decided to distance themselves from the “toxic” partner.

The issue of combining conventional liberal opposition remains one of the most intriguing in the campaign. The garden has taken the first step to be the face of this Union, concluded a cooperation agreement with the party Democratic Alliance. Although the democratic Alliance was not a serious force. Facebook community, of course, heard about it, but then the abyss. In 2014, the democratic Alliance went to the polls with the same Gritsenko: the result is known to all — the passage by Parliament. Members of the political Council of the democratic Alliance, people’s deputies Sergei Leshchenko, Mustafa Nayem and Svetlana Zalishchuk, to maintain the Garden in no hurry. They cherish hopes on new own political force, which again will split the vote all the same liberal voter. Own money on the campaign of Euro-optimists/mladodemokratov no. And to take on independent campaign resource from outside — clearly define its puppet.

Язык доведет. Политскандалы начала октября


The garden has taken the first step to be the face of this Union, concluded a cooperation agreement with the party Democratic Alliance.

As always, to agree all together the most difficult, and competitors will not allow it. Potentially a single candidate from this part of the Ukrainian opposition could be a serious contender for Poroshenko and Yulia Tymoshenko. And there is still Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, who keeps a vow of silence about his political ambitions. It is unlikely that all these people are Garden, Gritsenko, Leshchenko, Hire and so on — in time, agree to “lay down” for anyone. Bidding will continue.

Yet, by the way, another mayor — the mayor of Kiev Vitaly Klitschko reminded myself. He also was considered one of the presidential candidates, but skipped ahead of Poroshenko, receiving in return the capital with its lot of problems too. History of politics Klitschko is an example of how you can fail to unite. He actually cleared the way Poroshenko to the post of the head of state, and promises 50% of the members of the faction in Parliament before one of them executed. BPP swallowed the Shot. But now the mayor promises his party to revive and accurately participate with it in the parliamentary elections. Although it would be better on the hot water for Kiev thought.

To get to the ballot box

The fight will be not only for voice pre-choose a candidate, how much to bring to the polls the passive voters. Indeed, among ignoring elections, by a strange coincidence, most just democratic and Pro-European. A according to any intelligible poll, about 30% of Ukrainians are still undecided for whom to vote in the presidential election and will them at all. This is a group desperately in search of a new, non-system candidate, without a huge plume of disapproval, like the current politicians.

That’s just who that might be? Garden? He has been in politics for a very long time. Vakarchuk? Still not decided, and the impression of a strong leader does not.

Michel Tereshchenko? Who is it? It is a descendant of the famous Ukrainian family of Industrialists and philanthropists, the Frenchman, who received Ukrainian citizenship and has won elections of the mayor of Glukhov, Chernigov region in 2015. Tereshchenko also recently declared his presidential ambitions. Facebook started — here it is, the Ukrainian macron. But seriously, chances are it is, of course, no. Many people like the story about the nice Frenchman, who returned to the land of their descendants and the Ukrainian provinces started business. However, know about the social networking resource to promote no, a lot of money too. And most importantly, as someone who lost the fight local potentates in Hlukhiv, to cope with challenges in the country? You’ve had your fun.

So the presidential candidates continue to appear like mushrooms after rain. And those who really expects to win the election, meanwhile, the share of the Central electoral Commission that the results of these elections, in fact, announced. The new composition of the CEC elected leadership itself. The Chairman of the Commission for the first time in Ukraine’s history was a woman — Tatyana Slipachuk. It is called the creature of the President, although formally the Commission has delegated its parliamentary group the will of the people, which has long been playing Bank. Before becoming a member of the CEC Slipachuk represented the President in the Commission for selection of head of the State Bureau of investigation. The Secretary updated the CEC has appointed Natalia Bernatsky, a former first assistant of the Minister of justice, the representative of the party popular front. The chief and Secretary — the two most important positions in the CEC. The head is responsible for the seal of the Commission, manages the funds, collects the meeting and announce the winner of the election. The Secretary signs the minutes of the meetings of the Commission and controls the entire workflow. That is, now, the CEC is under the control of the authorities. Left to hold elections, but this will still be a lot of interesting things. No doubt.