The last breath of the Soviet Union. As Ukraine leaves CIS

Последний выдох СССР. Как Украина выходит из СНГ

The CIS stated that the Executive Committee there are no representatives of Ukraine in 2014

Ukraine will revise all the international treaties concluded within the CIS and out of those that do not meet the interests of the Ukrainian, said Poroshenko.

President Petro Poroshenko this weekend said that all international agreements concluded by Ukraine in the framework of the CIS will be revised and broken mismatched Ukrainian interests.

On the eve of Poroshenko has signed the decree about the withdrawal of Ukrainian representatives from all the statutory bodies of the CIS. However, the Commonwealth stated that there are none in 2014. Корреспондент.net decided to investigate the situation.


The future of Ukraine is in Europe

On 19 may, Poroshenko has signed the decree about the withdrawal of all Ukrainian representatives from all the statutory bodies of the Commonwealth of independent States.

“Today we did everything we could to cross the Rubicon, returning to the European Union… to Us there is nothing more to do – we are moving together in Europe” – said the President.

On may 20 he said that all international agreements concluded by Ukraine within the CIS, since 1991, will be revised. Poroshenko said that Kyiv will be released from non-compliant to national interests and ideas of Ukraine contracts.

He noted that the decree about the withdrawal of Ukrainian representatives from the CIS “finally sent him in the past” and make it “nothing more”.

Poroshenko is convinced that Ukraine will “become a member of the large European family”, and the Ukrainian people – “undoubtedly a European nation, which made its civilizational choice”.

“Ukraine, since Belovezhskaya Pushcha was considered by CIS only as an instrument of civilized divorce with the Empire. Civilized Russia’s fault it did not work: Moscow tried to rebuild the Commonwealth in the Empire, where everything, as in old Soviet times, checked the clock on the Spasskaya tower of the Kremlin. Therefore, Ukraine has not ratified the CIS Charter and is not going to become a full member of the CIS”, – he said.

CIS was surprised by the decree Poroshenko

In the CIS, expressed surprise at the decree Poroshenko about the withdrawal of Ukrainian representatives from the statutory bodies of the CIS, has informed the head a press-services of the Commonwealth Vladimir Nikanorov.

He noted that no notification of a withdrawal of representatives from Ukraine did not.

“The Executive Committee now has no employees from the Ukraine Earlier in the Executive Committee, the representatives of Ukraine held quite high positions: Deputy Chairman, the Director of the Department, Deputy Director of the Department. But in 2014, they (Ukraine – ed.) recalled the previous and the new have not appointed”, – he said.

In early may, Russia said that Ukraine’s withdrawal from the coordinating councils of the Commonwealth of independent States, it may take at least a year.

“The CIS Charter clearly stipulates: the state should officially announce the Executive Committee for a year before leaving” – said Russia’s permanent representative at the organization Andrei Shvedov, Recalling that this was the case with Georgia, when she was out of the CIS.

According to Shvedova, Kiev has not signed the Charter, but is a signatory to the founding of the Bialowieza agreement in which the exit procedure is not spelled out.

“So, it comes in the Vienna Convention on the rules of international treaties. Thus, the output can happen at any time with the consent of all members of the organization after consultation with them, or 12 months after official written notification”, – said the Russian diplomat.

The Swedes also said that Ukraine may withdraw from the Memorandum of Association but remain a member of any other agreements within the CIS. According to him, the Ukrainian government must announce its plans in advance, as these procedures require negotiation, which is given year.


CIS – the last breath of the Soviet Union

The Commonwealth of Independent States since 1991 and is a regional intergovernmental organization. During the build it looked like the club former republics of the Soviet Union, which did not only join Turkmenistan and the Baltic States. Georgia joined in 1993, and was released in 2009.

The main tasks of the CIS cooperation in the political, economic, social, cultural fields, the creation of a common economic space, ensuring the rights and freedoms of the individual, peace and security, the fight against organized crime.

Writes analytical publication EurasiaNet, in the CIS after Georgia’s withdrawal and similar intentions of Ukraine in 2014 was fixed not balanced by anything the dictates of the Kremlin. The CIS has not yet formally abolished, but not alive, slowly fades in Minsk, experts say.

Ukraine has moved away from the integration processes with Russia after the Maidan, and after the annexation of Crimea and Russian aggression in the Donbas thinking about withdrawal from the CIS.

Analysts say that the introduction of visa-free regime in Ukraine generates internal processes that affect not only the free movement of citizens, but relations with Russia and on the progress of internal reforms.

The Association agreement with the EU is a competitive CIS integration project, and Ukraine, experts say, has made significant progress in this direction that separates it from the CIS and Russia.

In another article of the edition of the CIS called “the last breath” of the Soviet Union. It is noted that the Commonwealth has lost all useful function: a mechanism for the peaceful resolution of conflicts, nor transparent borders are no more.

The CIS was created as an “inter” and not “on”-state structure, which was to provide the conditions and mechanisms for the peaceful resolution of possible conflicts between the new States.

The CIS assumed the obligation of mutual recognition of “the territorial integrity of each other and inviolability of existing borders within the Commonwealth”.

In the beginning, with the strengthening of Russia’s geopolitical and revitalization of Moscow, the role of the CIS began to decrease. Faced with the inadequacy of the Commonwealth “as a tool of domination” against other post-Soviet States, the Kremlin has started creating alternative projects.

“The idea of Moscow was reduced to pilfering part of the functions of the CIS more convenient for the structures, where its dominant role would be guaranteed,” reads the article.

Analysts say that the biggest disappointment was the failure of the CIS in the role of a guarantor of a direct military aggression by other members of the Commonwealth.

“Russia has twice attacked other countries of the CIS, ignoring the resolution mechanisms laid down in its Statute… currently the CIS has no real effect. It does not guarantee its member States the integrity of their territories. The mechanisms for the peaceful resolution of conflicts was a fiction,” – experts say.

CIS has only the Ghost of the Soviet Union, living in the myths about the “great lost country,” the article says.


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