“The latest Cassini” turned out to be fake

"Последний снимок Cassini" оказался поддельным

The author of the picture is the artist

The image became an Internet hit, receiving tens of thousands of likes and retweets. But the authorship belongs to the artist.

The popular, allegedly made by the space probe Cassini “before you die”, was a fake. The author of photos, which received great popularity in the Network, was the artist. This writes Gizmodo.

The dialed tens of thousands of likes and retweets on social networks. However, is merely a figment of the fiction of the artist who created it with computer graphics.

"Последний снимок Cassini" оказался поддельным

Photo: Gizmodo

As you know, the Cassini spacecraft has been in space for 20 years. He was engaged in the study of Saturn, which got six years and 261 day. The last real picture he made, dated September 14, 2017. It was made from a distance of 634 000 km from the planet’s surface.

“Farewell” shot of Saturn from Cassini

Earlier it was reported that the probe Cap burned up in the atmosphere of Saturn, completing its multi-year mission.

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