The law for elections in the Donbas is ready – media

Закон для выборов на Донбассе уже готов - СМИ

A bill may be introduced in the Parliament in the near future.

Under pressure from Western countries, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has drafted a bill on local elections in the occupied Donbas, the article says “defense “Minsk” newspaper “Mirror of week”.

“The draft law on local elections, developed by the group of experts, headed by Ruslan Kniazevych, has found, according to our sources, real. And, if necessary, can be included in the coming weeks,” according to the newspaper.

According to the publication, the threat of not receiving funds from the IMF and the lifting of sanctions against Russia this summer could force Poroshenko, at least, indicate a willingness to positively resolve the issue of holding elections in the occupied separatist areas of the Donbas.

Thus journalists note that to hold such a law through the Parliament the President will be very difficult.

“In an environment of the President there are people who believe that in the current situation, Petro Poroshenko profitable as soon as possible “to throw” in the hall of the draft law on elections to ORDO. The probability that such a document now (especially without a specific work with the audience) won’t find the necessary number of supporters is high. In this case, from Peter will be concrete formal occasion to put an end to the enslaving of the Minsk agreements”, – writes the edition.

We will remind that earlier the foreign Ministry said that Ukraine is ready to hold elections in the Donbass.

In Germany, Poland and France insist on the adoption of the law on elections in the Donbass.

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