“The law on EuroBLECH” reduce the cost of a new car – media

"Закон о евробляхах" удешевит новые автомобили - СМИ

New cars in Ukraine can become cheaper

The cost of new cars in Ukraine reduced depending on the engine size, when will come into force “the law on EuroBLECH”.

In Ukraine, the cost of new cars will decrease depending on the engine size, when will come into force a law on the reduction of excise duty on clearance (so-called “law on EuroBLECH”). It is reported autoconsulting.

According to calculations, the cost of customs clearance reduced depending on the engine size. For example, now the excise tax on the Citroen C1 engine liter is at the level of the Euro 101,8. If you calculate the excise tax by the formula of the new “law on the legalization of EuroBLECH”, it will be a 49.9 EUR.

In turn, the Skoda Octavia with the 1.8 liter engine, the excise tax today is 480,6 euros, and according to the new formula it will be at 90 euros. For Toyota Camry with engine 2494 cm3, the excise tax today 688,34 euros, but according to the new formula it will be to 124.7 euros.

Regarding vehicles with diesel engines, there is a similar situation, says the publication. The decrease in retail prices for cars may be even greater – about 20% – because of the VAT reduction.

“After the entry into force of the law will drop absolutely all new cars. But most cheaper new petrol cars with an engine capacity of three liters and above. As well as new diesel cars with engine capacity of 2.5 liters and above”, – writes the edition.

Yesterday, the Verkhovna Rada adopted a new law on the customs clearance of the imported goods in Ukraine of vehicles with foreign registration. The MPs also introduced a new system of fines for overdue “EuroBLECH”.

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