The law on the Donbass: the main provisions

Закон о Донбассе: главные положения

The law on Donbass said about the UN peacekeepers, the Minsk agreements.

Appeared the main message of the draft law of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on Donbass. On Wednesday, October 4, was published in the Country.

So, the purpose of the law is the liberation of the territory of Donbass.

It is noted that the word “aggression” and its derivatives occur in the text of the law 42 times. At the same time, the phrase “country-aggressor” against the Russian law does not contain. However, the authors expressly declare that Russia carries out armed aggression on the territory of Ukraine.

In the preamble to the law States that Russia has occupied part of the territory of Ukraine.

The boundaries of these territories defines the General staff of the defense Ministry of Ukraine. According to media reports, this is seen as redistribution of functions in the management of these territories towards the military.

The law Poroshenko unrecognized Lugansk and Donetsk “people’s Republic” in the act of the President is officially called “the occupation administration of the Russian Federation”.

In the text of the law says that Ukraine guarantees all ownership rights to their citizens residing in the temporarily occupied territory – the law confirms the rights the people in Donbass held before the war. At the same time not recognizing any of the laws and regulations adopted by the separatists.

In the case of the return of Ukraine on the territory of those who bought or created business rules LDNR, definitely lose their property.

It is noted that the text of the law we are talking about the Minsk agreement. Thus, article 7 confirms the participation in the Minsk agreements. Thus declared the “priority of execution of the security provisions of the Minsk Protocol”.

As reported by media, in fact it is the first case when the Ukrainian legislation referred to the Minsk agreement.

An important premise of the law on Donbass is the issue of the management of the security forces. According to the law, to guide all security forces in the conflict zone will now be army.

For this purpose, a joint operations staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He will obey all other agencies, including the National guard and Netpolicy (now included in the structure of the Ministry of internal Affairs). Thus the President, as commander in chief, has closed on the full management of the security forces in the conflict zone.

“The joint operations staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine carries out the planning, organization and control of tasks to ensure national security and defence, deterrence and resistance to Russian military aggression in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, the direction, coordination and control of activities of military-civilian or military administrations (in the case of education) in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts on issues of national security and defense”, – stated in the law.

According to the law, there is no change in the specificity of the travel of the Donets basin and back. As before, the movement of people and goods – only through PPC. On them decisions are made by the head of the joint Committee – in coordination with the security service and the Ministry for the occupied territories.

Thus trade in ATO remains for three departments with the dominant role of the military.

Also martial law is supplemented with the paragraph according to which in the territory where you enter the EAP shall automatically terminate the powers of all local authorities – city, district and village councils. As well as regional councils.

According to the text of the law, Poroshenko wants to extend the special status of Donbass for peacekeepers. This is stated in the reasoning part of the bill No. 2 – “About stvorennya neophane minds for peaceful reguluvannya situat in okremih areas Donetska Lugansk areas” which the President introduced to the Parliament.

According to the text of the law, the extension of a special status is held, “creating the necessary conditions for the deployment in certain districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, the UN peacekeeping operation”.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in the Verkhovna Rada on Wednesday, October 4, registered a bill “On peculiarities of state policy on ensuring state sovereignty of Ukraine on the temporarily occupied territories in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions” at No. 7163.




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