The lawyer explained the position of the land tenant in the market “Kharkiv”

The conflict in the market “Kharkiv” instigated by a small group of entrepreneurs and head of the public organization “Free trade Union of entrepreneurs of Ukraine”. About it on December 27 said the attorney representing the LLC “Kozak” Alexander Kalyuzhny, write “Ukrainian news”.

According to the lawyer, the conflict situation around the capital market “Kharkiv” created artificially, and any dispute shall be resolved exclusively in the legal field.

“On the situation of the market “Kharkiv”. It’s very simple: land on which is located the market, is a long-term lease and all rights of use owned by “Kozak”. For almost 15 years on this plot of land was located in the radio market and the market of household goods. I want to note that the company has a full package of documents regulating its activity. All premises, which are on the territory of this land plot, owned as private ownership of “Kozak”. The enterprise has decided to reconstruct this area in order to further business development. The market management has held talks with businessmen who rent commercial space. A significant portion of people signed the Memorandum of cooperation, based on which part of the business was moved to a new shopping place in the same market, and the rest moved to nearby markets, Darnytskyi district. Between entrepreneurs and the enterprise there are contractual relationships in which no one except the parties has no right to interfere. Any disputes between the parties shall be resolved through negotiations or in court,” wrote the lawyer.

In addition, Alexander Kalyuzhny noted that the immediate conflict has inflamed after in the relationship between the owners of the market and entrepreneurs a third party interfered, in the person of the Free trade Union of entrepreneurs of Ukraine.

“Active group of people began to block the work on the part of the market, which all the time was a vacant lot on which was located the Parking lot, and in every way. Led this group Valentyna korobka, head of public organization “Free trade Union of entrepreneurs of Ukraine”. She offered to help entrepreneurs to represent their interests for a “reward”, which she covertly calls “membership fees”. The Internet is a video shot by the entrepreneurs of the market “Kharkiv”. On the video Box for UAH 100 per month with each entrepreneur promises to protect their interests, although not say how and whether it’s legal. Employers ask her why she collects money from people, if you haven’t done anything yet. People Express their distrust and calling her a con artist. However, she managed to convince 7 people (out of the total number on the market over 300) to hold an Assembly to elect a head and Deputy. Box has no notarial power of attorney on representation of individuals – entrepreneurs is not there! Although she assures people that according to the Charter of its organization can do it freely and in its sole discretion. Between the enterprise and entrepreneurs are solely contractual relationships, but not the labor. However, the Box convinces people that her Union will protect their employment rights, i.e. the right to work, and that’s what right they have trying to take the administration of the market. But actually to deprive the Spdshnik the right to work is impossible, because it can implement at its discretion, choosing to work with any trading place”.

In analyzing the actions of this organization and its supervisor, counsel suggested in their interest in the conflict, saying: “on Friday, no MAF on the market, owned by the businessmen, was demolished. It is easy to prove, it suffices to find in the Internet photos and video footage to the so-called mass demolition and after! Once it is clear that the statement Box on the demolition of the Kiosks and the market looks very profitable in the titles of online publications. However, I can say directly that neither KCSA nor “Kievparkservis” or “kievavtodor”, no “Improvement” to this piece of land exactly have no relationship. Box, to attract people’s attention, PR, screaming about some public services, although such charges simply for no reason. The whole conflict in the market “Kharkiv” was provoked by a small group of entrepreneurs and a Box of V. from our own selfish motives”.

We will remind, on Friday morning December 23 in the Darnytsia district of the capital there was a conflict in the market, “Kharkiv”, which escalated into an open confrontation.