The lawyers staged a flash mob against the bill Poroshenko

Адвокаты устроили флешмоб против законопроекта Порошенко

A flash mob of lawyers supported the former Minister of justice Elena Lukash

Prominent lawyers spoke out against the presidential bill that restricts the rights of lawyers.

Dozens of Ukrainian lawyers in the lawyer’s Day, October 8,arranged in a social networks flash mob #Stop9055 against the presidential draft law No. 9055 On advocacy activities. In his actions, lawyers are urged not to allow adoption of the bill which restricts their rights.

So, a well-known lawyer Andrey Fedur believes zakonoproekte not so much for lawyers, but for themselves MPs, if they accept it, because they as well as all other citizens can participate in criminal proceedings. “Lawyers will survive. As they say in the fable, the global statistics have not yet recorded any case of death of the lawyer from hunger, and criminal proceedings are to be conducted, and you will need a lawyer that you actively defended. If you detachment the lawyer in such a framework, that he would have to, first and foremost, think about yourself – no effective protection will not let you then protect anyone,” Fedur turned to the deputies.

Opposed the bill, and a prominent lawyer Yevhen Solodko.

In his opinion, if the bill is passed, the state represented law enforcement or as it is now according to the Constitution, law enforcement will be much simpler to get rid of the lawyer. “With the adoption of the law 9055, our law independent of the profession will come to an end,” – said sweet.

What’s wrong with the norm of the bill, introducing the concept of “abuse of procedural rights”, explained the lawyer Anna boriak.

“My experience of working as a lawyer for over 20 years and in my practice recently, there is not a single conviction. I use in my practice those methods which today we call an abuse of the right. These legislative initiatives do not comply with the Constitution because every fundamental right and cannot be limited by law.. it Turns out that you, my clients who pay me for protection of their rights and legitimate interests and legal position to protect your rights, you can lose a lawyer”

Lawyer Igor Kolesnikov agrees with a negative assessment of the concept of “abuse of procedural rights”. He noticed that similar standards were recently adopted in the self-proclaimed DND.

In turn, attorney Alexander Black drew attention to changes in the system of legal professional self-government, which provides for the bill.

“I remember very well many years ago under pressure of the Prosecutor General and the SBU had to leave the country because of the risks to me, my life and my family. I left my job, country, family, nobody could help, except for some ADVOKATOV, my colleagues, friends, Why this happened? Because we have not had one single professional organization, no system of protection of our rights. Now it’s all we have, but we offer back to territorial princes, the kings of every region, in every city,” – said Alexander Chernykh.

The bill also criticized the lawyer and former Minister of justice Elena Lukash.

“The bar trying to control power. So with impunity to deprive you of rights, freedoms and property. As in the joke: “so every 5th sat of every 10 guard”. They create the GULAG. And in this Gulag of an independent counsel, something extra,” said Lucas.

At the moment in social networks against the bill No. 9055 in favor of more than 50 well-known lawyers.

We will remind, the bill was introduced in Parliament on 6 September. In the near future the document will be considered at the meeting of the relevant Committee on legal policy and justice.


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