The LC came up with the ancient history of the miners of Donbass

В ЛНР придумали древнюю историю горняков Донбасса

According to the version of the LC, the miners lived in the Donbass for four thousand years ago

The miners have recorded several thousand years of history.

The Chairman of the so-called people’s Council LNR Vladimir Degtyarenko said about the centuries-old history of Donbass.

“Four thousand years ago, there was no great ukrov. Here were the miners of Donbass. And they then still, four thousand years ago, here coal was mined here, built settlements, and, in principle, to develop human civilization,” said Degtyarenko.

We will remind, earlier the head of DNR Zakharchenko made a mistake in the history of the Second world war, saying that Zoe Kosmodemyanskaya hung German soldiers, were shot.

In may Zakharchenko told about the great-grandmother who was in a concentration camp in Reykjavik in the years of the Second world war.

The LC suggested a new name for residents of Donbass