The LC died “Minister”

В ЛНР скончался "министр"

Sergey Litvin

Sergey Litvin is responsible for agriculture and food.

Today, the self-proclaimed LNR died of the so-called “Minister” of agriculture and food Sergey Litvin – “Klim”. This is reported by the separatist media.

Sergey Litvin March 2014 actively participated in actions of the separatists in Slavyansk and the Red Estuary, and in April of the same year in Lugansk. He fought against APU and was one of the organizers of the “referendum” on creation of LPR.

As one of my friends Lytvyn, is “a man whose hands had created the “Russian spring””.

In social networks reported that the “climate” suddenly died of a massive heart attack.

As reported Корреспондент.netin the LC dissatisfied with the work of the chief “Minister” Sergei Kozlov. Parliament has recognized his work unsatisfactory and is now head of the “Republic” can send him into retirement.