The LC is dissatisfied with work of the chief “Minister”

В ЛНР недовольны работой главного "министра"

In the LC dissatisfied with the work of Sergei Kozlov

Now the head of “Republic” can send him into retirement.

The so-called “Parliament” of the self-proclaimed “Luhansk people’s Republic” recognized “Chairman of the Council of Ministers LNR” Sergei Kozlov unsatisfactory.

This decision recognized 33 “MP” of the 48. Now the head of the LC may adopt a decision on the resignation of the Council of Ministers.

“The majority of votes adopted the first proposal (to accept the report of the poor – ed.)”, – said the head of “Parliament,” Volodymyr Degtyarenko.

“Exactly a year ago with the inauguration of Sergey Ivanovich (goats — ed.) promised to make every effort to stabilize and economic growth in the Republic. Planning and summarizing the work of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers, it became evident that between the promise and its fulfilment there was a big gap,” added the Russian.

Chapter LC Igor Carpenter said that the decision is unfounded.

“How not bitter it sounds, but today’s meeting of the “National Council” report “to the Chairman of the Council of Ministers” and the decisions made are without Foundation… Calling “Republic” “national” we have no right not to listen and not to do the will of the people”, – said the head LNR Igor Carpentry.

Earlier, one of the separatist leaders predicted war between the DNI and the LC.