The LC suggested function name for residents of Donbass

В ЛНР предложили навое название для жителей Донбасса

The LC published a book “luganschina: a glorious journey through centuries and millennia”

The separatists coined a new term – “dumbassity”.

In the self-proclaimed LNR proposed to call the inhabitants of Donbass the term “dumbassity”. This was reported by “acting rector” Luhansk national agrarian University Mikhail Oreshkin.

“We published this book, it’s a tutorial, the first part. “Luhansk: a glorious journey through centuries and millennia”, where we show our community, that is to say, the Donbass. Was even proposed that the term be “dumbassity”, that is, it is the residents of Donbass”, – he said.

As reported Корреспондент.netearlier in the Donetsk national University said about the study of Donetsk speech and its origins. The University started a project called “Donetsk regiolect”, which will be compiled dictionary. It was also noted that the project “Donetsk regiolect” won a grant of the Russian world.