The leader of the “Alice” Kinchev hospitalized with a heart attack

Лидер "Алисы" Кинчев госпитализирован с инфарктом

The leader of the Russian rock band “Alisa” Konstantin Kintchev was hospitalized. This was reported on the band’s official website.

At the same time, “RIA Novosti” with reference to the press-Secretary of the group Alexander Panfilov reported that Kintchev had a heart attack. It is located in one of St. Petersburg clinics.

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Kinchev – musician, songwriter, leader of the rock group “Alisa”. The band was formed in Leningrad in 1983. Kinchev became the group’s vocalist in 1984. Together with the band he recorded such albums as “Energy”, “Block of hell”, “Solntsevorot” and others. The last album of the band is “Circus”, released in 2014.