The legendary player has lost more than a million euros on the betting

Легендарный игрок проиграл больше миллиона евро на ставках

Patrick Kluivert

Patrick Kluivert got in serious trouble because of his excitement.

The former striker of the national team of Russia on football Patrick Kluivert became the victim of blackmail because of a debt on the rates, according to

Kluivert in 2011-2012 have bet large sums on football matches and in the end owed to a criminal syndicate more than a million euros. A group of criminals for several years blackmailing of Kluivert due to the debts.

Kluivert partially repaid the debt. It is also reported that Kluivert as the coach of Twente, betting on games, but so far there is no evidence of his involvement in fixing matches. According to the lawyer of Kluivert, Gerard Spong, ex-footballer is “not involved in criminal cases with the manipulation of match results” and is “a victim”.

Among the achievements of Kluivert during his playing career the title of champion of the Netherlands, winning the Spanish League and the Champions League, two bronze medals of the European Championships.

In July 2016, the 40-year-old Dutchman was appointed the sporting Director of the French PSG.

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