The list of Ukrainian landfills and information about their condition no, – Semerak

Перечня украинских свалок и информации об их состоянии нет, - Семерак

The Ministry of environment will ask the government to give instructions to several ministries responsible to check all landfills in Ukraine. This was announced by the Minister Ostap Semerak in Facebook.

According to him, neither the local authorities nor Gosekoinspektsiya can’t give an exact number of landfills that exist in the country.

“And in what condition these dumps, we see firsthand. The situation with landfill in Hrybovychi is the consequences of the lack of adequate treatment of garbage,” he added.

According to him, the Ministry of environment in cooperation with the EBRD plans to the end of the year to develop two documents – the Strategy and national plan of waste management. Also local governments should provide information about the approved schemes of sanitary cleaning of settlements.

“We need to make a list of overloaded landfills, those that require closing due to the inconsistency of environmental regulations”, – said the Minister.

We will remind, yesterday afternoon at Gribovichi the dump collapsed. Under the rubble could be up to 4 people. The head of police in Lviv region Dmitry Zagariya said that the chances of finding them alive almost zero.

Now from the rubble removed two bodies.

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