The loop is narrowed. Talking about the resignation of trump

Петля сужается. Разговоры об отставке Трампа

Media continue to dismiss Donald trump, although he had served as President just five months.

No day without a scandal – according to this principle, the last living U.S. President Donald trump.

Media regularly report about new facts with regard to the team of trump with Russia, and Deputy U.S. attorney General appointed a special adviser on the investigation of Russian interference in presidential elections. He was the former FBI Director Robert Mueller.

Trump calls such actions a “witch hunt”, and the media continue to send trump to resign.

New reports of ties with Russia

For the last 7 months of election campaign team trump had at least 18 contacts with Russian officials and close to the Kremlin faces, according to Reuters.

According to the Agency, six of these previously known contacts were the talks between the Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergei Kislyak and trump’s advisers, including Michael Flynn, former national security Advisor.

The contacts intensified after November 8, when the sides discussed the establishment of rear communications channel that could bypass the bureaucratic procedures of the United States.

In January, the White house initially denied any contact with Russian officials during the campaign, then reported on four meetings of councillors trump Kislyak.

It is reported that 18 calls and email exchanges occurred from April to November 2016.

The Agency reported that communication occurred between counselors headquarters trump and close to the Russian President faces. One of these was the godfather of Putin, Ukrainian tycoon and politician Viktor Medvedchuk.

With someone in the headquarters of the trump contact Medvedchuk is not known, however, conversation topics included cooperation between Russia and the United States. He Medvedchuk denied any contact with anyone at the headquarters trump. “I’m not familiar with any of the close associates of Donald trump, so no way” – he said by e-mail to Reuters.

We will remind, the adviser to the President for national security Michael Flynn resigned on 13 February because of the scandal about contacts with Russia.

Trump pressured the FBI?

The New York Times reports that trump during a meeting with then-FBI Director James Comey asked to stop the investigation against Flynn.

Journalists report that, according to Komi, at a lunch trump asked him to promise loyalty. And at another meeting in the oval office, trump expressed the hope that Komi will stop the investigation into Flynn. Trump denies that he asked about it.

“Komi described all your contacts with the President and the White house in detailed memos, which (…) allow you to draw a picture of difficult relations between the President, trying to achieve influence in the Director of the FBI, and those who have built their reputation on the assertion of its own independence,” – said in the article The New York Times.

The appointment of a special adviser to

The special adviser to the investigation of Russia’s intervention in the US presidential election was the former FBI Director Robert Mueller.

The appointment has received high praise both Democrats and Republicans.

Robert Mueller was the head of the Federal Bureau of investigation since September 4, 2001 September 4, 2013.

One of the objectives of Muller, the post of special adviser to is the study of the “relations and interactions between the Russian government and persons related to the election campaign of US President Donald trump”.

An hour after the appointment of müller trump said that the investigation will clear him and his team.

“The investigation confirmed what we already know – there was no connection between my campaign and a foreign state,” he said.

Later, trump called the appointment of special adviser to the investigation of Russian interference in presidential elections in the United States the largest witch hunt in American history.

“With all these illegal actions that took place in the campaign Clinton and the Obama administration, has never been appointments of special advisers. This is a Grand witch hunt in the history of American politics!” – he wrote.

This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) may 18, 2017

So will there be impeachment?

Trump, of course, entered “the zone of possible impeachment,” says David Gergen, former adviser to Nixon, Reagan, and Clinton.

But so far the only Congressman who stated the necessity of removal of the tramp, became a member of the house of representatives, Democratic party politician from Texas, al green.

Republicans in Congress, without whose support the impeachment of trump’s impossible in principle (the President’s party controls the most seats in both chambers) is still not expressed his desire to dismiss is limited to comments in connection with this or that scandal.

On may 17 Senator John McCain a direct question about the possibility of removal of the tramp stated that he does not consider impeachment to be appropriate. “I can only judge on the current situation, — quotes the Republican The Washington Examiner. — Every day we see new surprises, but at the moment this approach does not seem to me appropriate. I don’t think many people understand [the calls for impeachment] seriously.”

To start the procedure of impeachment is only entitled to the House of representatives and only on the recommendation of the legal Committee. After recommendation the issue of impeachment is put to a vote: MPs are discussing the accusations against the head of state and a simple majority of votes determine whether there are grounds for his removal.

If the House of representatives votes for impeachment, the case goes to the Senate where the actual trial — the members of the upper chamber (under the chairmanship of a judge of the Supreme court) are considering the charges on the merits and on the results of the decision on dismissal of the President. For dismissal requires a two-thirds majority of the votes.