The loss of Germany from the drought exceeded one billion euros

Убытки Германии от засухи превысили миллиард евро

The largest losses recorded in the Federal state of Schleswig-Holstein – more than 420 million euros.

According to the first estimates of the regional German authorities, the ongoing drought caused damage to agriculture of more than one billion euros. Received from several Federal lands data on the losses of the farmers already account for a total of 1.1 billion euros.

In particular, according to the Ministry of agriculture of Schleswig-Holstein, the loss of this land from the drought amounted to 422 million euros. The authorities of Saxony assess the damage to 308 million euros, Saxony-Anhalt – in 237 million, of Hesse – 150 million

August 13 will be a new crisis meeting of representatives of the state and Federal authorities of Germany on the problem of the losses of the farmers in the dry summer. For this meeting the Minister of agriculture, Julia klöckner Germany asked the land government to assess the alleged damage and the size of the necessary assistance to farmers.

For providing first aid to the farmer responsible land authorities. A decision on possible payments from the Federal budget will be made after harvest, and official damage assessment, which is expected in late August, further stated we. The last time such payments were made after the drought in 2003.

Earlier it was reported that Germany is expected to worst harvest in 15 years. Winter wheat will be harvested at 20% less than last year, and winter rye – 28% less.

German farmers have already asked for billions in assistance because of the unprecedented heat.

Source: Russian service of Deutsche Welle

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