The losses of Ukrainian banks decreased threefold

Убытки банков Украины сократились втрое

As of 1 August, losses were 33 active Bank for the total amount of 16.6 billion hryvnia

Revenues of the banking system decreased by 13%.

Loss of operating Ukrainian banks in January-July 2016 decreased by 3.3 times and amounted to 9.3 billion hryvnia. Relevant information was published by the national Bank of Ukraine on Tuesday, August 30.

Thus, financial performance of banks before provisions and taxes in the current year is 60% lower than in the past – to 13.9 billion. The national Bank explains this further reduction in income with the growth of certain expenditure items (interest and administration).

Revenues of the banking system in January-July 2016 compared to the corresponding period in 2015 decreased by 13% and amounted to 101.6 billion USD.

As of 1 August, losses were 33 active Bank totaling 16.6 billion UAH, including for July – 26 banks for a total amount of 1.1 billion hryvnia. Profit was 68 banks for a total amount of 7.4 billion hryvnia, including in July of 75 the banks a billion hryvnia.

In addition, according to the NBU, the surplus of consolidated balance of payments of Ukraine in July 2016 was reduced to $ 110 million, compared with 438 million dollars in the same period last year.

The current account deficit of the balance of payments in July amounted to 354 million dollars, which is $ 7 million more than last year.

As reported Корреспондент.net, the operating assets of Ukrainian banks in June increased by 10 billion hryvnia.