The macron had to apologize to Albania for the incident on the football

Макрону пришлось извиняться перед Албанией за инцидент на футболе

France defeated Albania in his field with a score of 4-1

During the qualifying match of Euro 2020 at the Stade de France in Paris first, by mistake, included the anthem of Andorra, and then another, and apologized to Armenia.

The President of France Emmanuel macron has officially apologized for the incident with the national anthem of Albania during the football match on 7 September in Paris. About this on his Twitter page said the Prime Minister of Albania EDI Rama.

“The President Makron expressed a sincere apology for the scandalous mistake of the French football Federation as the national anthem of our country! He called it “unacceptable mistake” and, considering the reaction of our players asked me to publish his apology,” wrote Albanian Prime Minister.

Presidenti Macron më shprehu ndjesën e sinqertë gafën skandaloze për të Futbollit të Federatës Franceze, me himnin e Flamurit Kombëtar tonë! Cilësoi E një “gabim të papranueshëm” dhe edhe duke vlerësuar reagimin e lojtarëve tanë kërkoi publikimin e më së tij ndjesës #Respekt 🇦🇱🇫🇷

— Edi Rama (@ediramaal) on 8 September 2019.

During the qualifying match for Euro 2020 in Paris first by mistake put on the stadium the national anthem of Andorra is the national anthem of Albania, and then the announcer on stadium has worsened the situation, apologizing to Armenia. Meanwhile, the Albanian players refused to take the field until, until it is filled with the correct anthem. The match began with a seven-minute delay.

The match between France and Albania ended with the score 4-1 in favor of France.

We will remind, the same day the national team of Ukraine played the match away from the Lithuanian national team and won 3-0. Rivals of Ukraine team and competitors in struggle for an exit in a final part of Euro 2020, Portugal and Serbia played with a score of 4-2. Ukraine is currently ranked first in group B.

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