The magnificent seven stand up for the honor of Europe

Великолепная семерка постоит за честь Европы

Today we will know the name of the new millionaire

Fast flying week of broadcasts from the stage of the European poker tour in Barcelona. Today, for dessert, we are waiting for the denouement in the Main event of the series. In the struggle for million euros remains of seven people, which will determine the strongest at the final table.

All seven remaining from 1785 in the ranks of the participants represent seven different countries of Europe – Germany, Netherlands, UK, Poland, Turkey, Greece and Spain.

The leader before the start of the final day of the URI Reichenstein from Germany, which has 11.3 million chips in the back of URI’s breathing Thomas de Rooy (the Netherlands, 11.1 million chips), who proved himself the fifth day. The third player with a stack above average at the start of the finale, the British Adam Owen.

During yesterday he was huge chip leader of the tournament (won the nomination with at vs AK, catching a ten on the turn), but to keep advantage has not managed. Owen by the way the most decorated of the seven finalists, but even taking off the fifth, he will be able to earn more than in my entire poker career. While the British $399 000 in prize money, and in Barcelona he’s already guaranteed a 230 000 euros. So for Adam this is definitely the tournament of his life.

What can we say about the two lovers who though not very competent, but certainly fearless game has earned itself a place in the top 7 of the Main event. For Turk Era and the Spaniard Doradora such a deep passage – akin to winning the lottery. And the young Harry Potter from Poland – Sebastian kid tries to prove his leadership during the tournament was not accidental.

So, we expect an interesting final, which is from 15:00 you can watch live, and this time we are going to see the hole cards of poker players. Ilya Gorodetskiy and Denis Grigoriev together with their guests will help to understand what is happening at the table.

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