The main investigator of independence can lustrate media

Главного следователя Майдана могут люстрировать - СМИ

The investigator of the GPU Sergey Gorbatyuk

Entered into force the decision of the ECHR in the case of resonance of the Ukrainian Yarmolenko.

Entered into force the decision of the ECHR recognized a violation in resonance “case Yaremenko”, chaired by the head of the Department of special investigations of the GPU Sergey Gorbatyuk, also known as “the investigator of the Maidan.”

Now the officer may be purging. About it reported in Detail with reference to the lawyer Sergei Bykov.

According to counsel, the personnel office of the Prosecutor General’s office has prepared a statement about the possibility of lustrated officials over alleged violations of the European Convention on human rights committed in pre-Maidan period.

As stated in the certificate, a photocopy of which results in Bykov, the investigator Gorbatyuk its ruling removed from the case Yaremenko defender (Hivrich) on illegal grounds, because the defender gave advice to the suspect to plead not guilty.

“Thus, Gorbatyuk violated a suspect’s right to legal assistance in the protection from the prosecution and the presumption of innocence,” writes Bulls.

Therefore, in 2015, Ukraine’s Supreme Court overturned the verdict Yaremenko and sent the case for retrial. Now the case is being heard in the Darnytsia district court of Kyiv.

Recall that the Ukrainian Oleksandr Yaremenko 15 years in prison on charges of murder. During this time he became the first Ukrainian prisoners who won two cases in the European court of human rights – is still behind bars.

According to the law on lustration, officials whose involvement in the offences proved by court decision, can’t hold public office for five years.

“Fresh decision of the ECHR against the Gorbatyuk can be used as the basis for his dismissal. Moreover, many questions for him not only because of the delay in the cases of independence (with the prospect of the collapse of these cases), but also about ethics,” writes Bulls, hinting at leaks to media of confidential information from the GPU.

As reported in the last two years Ukraine has lost at the ECHR cases on 900 thousand euros. The officials guilty of human rights violation, penalties are not incurred.