The main political parties in Ukraine, has lost in the ranking – the survey

Основные политические партии в Украине потеряли в рейтинге – опрос

Early elections to the Verkhovna Rada supports 77% of Ukrainians.

Most Ukrainians want early elections.

The main political parties in Ukraine in the rankings lost, and the majority of Ukrainians want early elections. This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the Independence Day five sociological companies, with the support of the Kiev press club.

“If the elections were held in August, notably the fall of the majority of parties leaders. All political projects have slipped in the ranking by almost 10%. Only the project “For life”, headed by Vadim Rabinovich and Jevgenijs Musaevym, the rates have doubled due to the active media campaign, which used this project in the summer political lull,” said Director of the Institute of analysis and forecasting Yuriy Lesnichiy.

According to him, the possible election “For life” would have scored 4.5 per cent. The leaders of the rating, as shown by the results of the study, left the party “Batkivshchyna” 10.6%, “Samopomich and the Opposition bloc (all slightly more than 7%), the President’s party “Solidarity” and the Radical party.

At the same time, according to sociologists, more than half of respondents believe the necessary change of power in Ukraine as a whole. In particular, early elections to the Verkhovna Rada supports 77% of Ukrainians.

As noted by the head of the Kyiv press club Michael Peresunko, it’s not about specific political figures, and the discontent of inhabitants of the country’s power in General.” The highest index of desire” early elections, the highest in Kyiv and the East.

The study was conducted by the center “Social monitoring” Ukrainian Institute for social research. Yaremenko in cooperation with the Institute of Economics and forecasting of NASU and the Institute of analysis and forecasting in all regions of Ukraine (excluding the temporarily occupied territories). 2016 interviewed respondents, the error is 1.31 m-2.18 percent.

As reported the in Ukraine has changed the ratings of the presidential candidates sample 2014. If elections for the same candidates took place in may 2016, the President of Petro Poroshenko would have gained only 11.5%, and the representative of opposition Vadim Rabinovich has risen from seventh place to third.