The majority of Ukrainians do not believe the judicial system – a survey

Большинство украинцев не верит судебной системе - опрос

63% of Ukrainians do not believe the judicial system

Trust the courts, only 37% of the population.

The high Council of justice has published the findings of a survey which was conducted over three months. The results were published on page offices in Facebook. According to the results, the judicial system is trusted by only 37% of citizens and 63% do not trust.

The survey data was presented for discussion by the judges and the public during the Round table “Judicial reform: the authority and credibility of the judiciary.”

“The roundtable participants noted the importance of open and proactive communication with society, the establishment of mutual understanding with the other branches of government, in particular with the Ministry of justice of Ukraine concerning execution of judicial decisions (today, according to the Chairman of the SSU V. Symonenko, only 5% of court decisions implemented), the strengthening of the role of judges in the legislative process, the approval of the independent status of judges, cleaning the judiciary from the law-breakers and strict adherence to rules of ethical conduct of judges, the total liability of judges, lawyers, prosecutors for the quality of justice, creating a unified communication strategy of the judiciary and others”, – is told in the message.

Altogether, almost 4 million people in 28 cities of Ukraine at the exit from the judiciary.

Ukrainians have filed over three thousand lawsuits against Russia